Git Tutorial with free Certification 

Git Tutorial with free Certification 

Git Tutorial : Master Version Control

Learn the basic Git commands and make collaboration simple. Using the Git command line can be easier than you think!


It doesn’t matter what kind of developer you are or what type of company you are working for exactly – it’s more than likely you work in a team, and collaboration is one of the most common elements of your day. Coordinating your team’s work and delivering high-quality solutions can be a daunting task – but only if you’re not familiar with version control systems. This Git tutorial for beginners is a great way to understand the basic principles of these programs and get familiar with the most popular and widely-used one – Git. In less than three hours, you will find out all the secrets on branching and merging, using Git command line, and making sure your code is secure, easy to collaborate on, and completely bug-free.

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