Free Web Design Tutorial and Certification

Free Web Design Tutorial and Certification

Learn Web Design: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

A web design course on how to use the rules and concepts to create unique graphic designs. Learn web design with confidence!


Fascinating and professional-looking designs catch the eye and help people decide if they want to use the product or not while unclear and lousy designs do the exact opposite. The same rule applies to websites – if a site is attractive and neat, the user will most likely be more engaged with it. For this specific reason, having someone to design websites is crucial. However, what should you do if you don’t have any knowledge about designs and you can’t find a reliable designer? Well, you’re lucky because you can learn web design quickly and efficiently in this web design course to make subtle and professional designs yourself and even start your career as a web designer! This web design online course will introduce you to the world of graphic design for digital media. You will learn web design techniques and basic concepts. Not only you’ll discover how to design attractive, practical and high-quality digital media by understanding the foundations of design, but what’s more, you’ll be able to start your own portfolio and start web designing as a job!

Tips & Tricks of Designing a Website

Even if you don’t have any prior skills and haven’t gone to web design classes ever before, by the end of this course, you will be able to use various design elements like lines, shapes, space, text, sound, and motion to create stunning designs for an array of digital media. You’ll not only discover the central concepts of colouring, shaping and placing, but also learn web design tricks in real life! With various exercises of particular topics, you’ll be able to get some great hands-on experience and deepen your understanding of design. By the end of this web design course, you’ll master the techniques of how to choose a perfect design for the topic and target audience. Not only you’ll be confident about colours and shapes, but you’ll also learn web design consistency, and how to create the best possible UX (user experience) on the web page you’re working on. When enrolled in web design classes, you’ll master the methods of forming interactivity while designing a website, and added to all of that, you’ll also be familiar with applying sounds and motion! It is not difficult to learn web designing, although it requires a critical eye. However, after the course, you’ll be positive about that, too.

Practice for Future Benefits

However, keep in mind that only practice makes perfect. That is why you should not skip any exercises and even do more of them. This way, you’ll get firsthand training that will teach you how to deal with real-life situations regarding web design. Nevertheless, you don’t have to hurry or prepare for extra material. Everything you need will be listed in this course, and no sudden quizzes will pop up, be sure! This course consists of multiple lab exercises and video lectures, including personal insights from the instructor himself! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn web design. Enroll now and start learning web design now!

What Will You Learn?

  • Rules of Graphic Design: Color Theory, Concepts of Space, Shape and Form
  • Rules of Typography: How to Understand Font Families, Styles and Classifications
  • How to Use the Rules and Concepts to Create Unique Graphic Design
  • How to Integrate Sound and Motion into Your Design


  • PC or Mac


Section 1: Learn Web Design: The Ultimate Guide For Coders

  • Line, Shape and FormWatch now
  • SpaceWatch now
  • Color, Tone and Texture

Section 2: Color

  • The Science of ColorWatch now
  • Basic TheoryWatch now
  • Modes

Section 3: Typography

  • Basic Terms
  • Family, Style and Classification
  • Designing with Type

Section 4: Audience

  • Who is the user?
  • Design for the User
  • Feedback

Section 5: Layout

  • Establishing Visual Hierarchy
  • Visually Organizing Content
  • Form Follows Function
  • Less is More

Section 6: Medium

  • Devices
  • Bandwidth
  • Resolution

Section 7: Graphics

  • Buttons and Links
  • Icons
  • Images

Section 8: Motion and Sound

  •  Expectations
  • Effective Usage

Section 9: Interactivity

  •  Organization
  • User Considerations
  • Rollover States

Section 10: UX: User Experience

  •  Content Planning
  • Wireframing
  • Usability

Section 11: Consistency

  • See the Big Picture
  • Repeat Elements
  • Work the System

Free Web Design Tutorial and Certification

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