Free Email Marketing Tutorial and Certification

Free Email Marketing Tutorial and Certification

Free Email Marketing Tutorial

How To Use Email Marketing For Business

Effective Email Marketing strategies to get you more leads and sales and so you can grow your business.


  • Effective Email Marketing to get you more traffic, leads, sales and conversions so you can grow your business.
  • Email Marketing is about creating relationships with your audience.
  • With tons of companies pushing their products or services, it’s getting harder than ever to gain a new customer. Email marketing can help start, build, and grow those relationships.
  • It only takes one email to make a long term fan, client, or customer.
  • Email marketing is about building relationships and sharing your knowledge. There’s a reason why companies love email marketing, and it’s simple – it works.
  • Email marketing is a great way to build your business without a budget.
  • By setting up the right series of emails, you can easily put your business on the map, find new customers and nurture existing ones.
  • This course will teach you the basics of email marketing and how to have a successful business using email. We’ll walk you through the entire process of building out and launching an email marketing campaign that drives revenue & sales for your business.


This course is for anyone who wants to set up Email Marketing for themselves or their clients. This course will teach you what aspects to focus on, how to write great copy, subject lines and improve open and click-through rates. After finishing the course, you’ll be able to run highly successful campaigns for yourself, your clients and/or your business.


The course first gives you a solid Email Marketing foundation. We’ll walk through the tech, the email substance and then some advanced automation options to help scale your Email Marketing efforts.

  • Email Platform Basics
  • Writing The Actual Emails You Should Be Sending
  • Advanced Email Automation

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn various email platforms that you can use for sales and/or marketing email campaigns.
  • Learn different types of marketing email campaigns and how to choose one that fits your business goals.
  • Understand what your emails should be content to optimize open rates and click-through rates.
  • Learn how to grow your email list and minimize unsubscribes so you maintain a healthy email list full of customers that want to buy your product or service.
  • Learn how to set up sequencing and automation so you can send emails automatically to your customers based on certain actions they take, triggers or variables.


  • A desire to use Email Marketing for your business.
  • A business objective & customer list that you can use to launch an email campaign.

Curriculum :

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction

Section 2: Email Marketing

  • Email Platform Basics
  • Types of Emails & Email Content
  • Email Automation

Free Email Marketing Tutorial and Certification

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